Sat 09 Sep 2017 16:52

International Rugby Tickets 2017-18

This is your invitation to apply for tickets for Autumn International matches and for 2018 Six Nations International matches to be played at Twickenham.  Strict deadlines apply and it is important that you follow the instructions.

Ticket arrangements made by the Rugby Football Union have changed significantly this year.  Please be careful to follow the instructions provided below and to submit your application by the due dates. 

The Club receives an allocation of tickets for each match, as previously.  However, the price of available tickets is likely to vary depending on overall demand.  You stand a better chance of securing tickets at your preferred price if you apply early.  You will be asked if you are willing to accept tickets at a different price (on payment of any difference) to those requested.

You will be required to pay for tickets at the time you apply.  Details of how to pay are given in the section marked Payment below.

Annual subscriptions

Also as previously, the RFU require you to be a paid-up member of the Club to be eligible to apply for tickets.  Annual subscriptions have not increased significantly in recent years and the Club has decided to raise subscriptions this year.  You must have paid or made arrangements to pay (by direct debit, for instance) your subscription for 2017-18 to make an application for international tickets.  Full details of the subscription rates for 2017-18 can be found here

Autumn 2017 International matchesTo pay your annual subscription by Direct Debit go to  or contact the Club.  

You can apply for tickets for four autumn 2017 international matches.  Note that ticket prices vary. 

There is only one Category One match for England this autumn, against Australia, and demand is high.  Demand for tickets to see NZ v Barbarians is also quite high.

If you would like to apply for tickets to see England against Argentina or Samoa, please do not over-order.  Ticket prices and examples of where in the Stadium you could be seated are in the following table:


Sat 4 Nov 2017  (KO 15:00)

New Zealand v Barbarians

Ticket prices £75, £85 & £95 each.

Example ticket prices:

South Stand, Middle tier £75 ea

North Stand Lower tier £85 ea

East Stand Middle Tier £95 ea

Sat 11 Nov 2017 (KO 14:30)

England v Argentina

Example ticket prices:

East Stand Upper tier £55 ea

West Stand Lower tier £78 ea

East Stand Middle tier £90 ea

Sat 18 Nov 2017 (KO 14:30)

England v Australia

The Club has an allocation of tickets costing £86 each, all situated in North Stand, western corner, middle tier  (ie good seats)

Sat 25 Nov 2017 (KO 14:30)

England v Samoa

Example ticket prices:

South Stand Upper tier £25 ea

East Stand Upper tier £35 ea

West Stand Middle tier £50 ea



Six Nations matches 2018

Clubs are eligible to apply now for tickets for both England’s matches in the 2018 Six Nations.  Demand for tickets is expected to be high.


Sat 10 Feb 2018  (KO 16:45)

England v Wales

Ticket prices:

£130 each; £105 ea; £96 ea; £88 ea; £79 ea; £65 ea; £41 ea

I can notify you of your seat immediately following application.


Sat 17 Mar 2018 (KO 14:45)

England v Ireland

Ticket prices:

£130 each; £105 ea; £96 ea; £88 ea; £79 ea; £65 ea; £41 ea

I can notify you of your seat immediately following application.



Applying for tickets

To apply for tickets, please complete the Application Form (if you are yet to receive a form then email  You will need to sign and date the Application Form and then send it (by post or by sending a scanned copy to Steve by email) at the contact addresses shown at the end of this letter.  Please take care to complete the Form carefully and in full, as mistakes may be difficult to rectify later.  You may apply for single tickets or a pair of tickets.  If you apply for more than one pair of tickets refer to the notes below on Allocation of tickets.

Completed application forms should be received by me strictly no later than Friday 15 September 2017, which is in three weeks’ time.  However, I repeat that you are more likely to secure your preferred tickets if you apply early.

Please do not attempt to apply for tickets by text message, on the phone, using smoke signals or in Greek.

You will also need to pay for your tickets!

Allocation of tickets

Tickets will generally be allocated to members as a single ticket or as a pair.  If you apply for more than one pair of tickets, your application for the second pair of tickets will only be considered once an allocation has first been made to other members.

In the event that more applications are received than available tickets, an independent draw takes place adjudicated by the Club Chairman or another trustworthy and independent, senior member of the Club (usually someone who doesn’t have any interest in receiving any tickets).


You must pay for tickets at the same time you submit your application (rotten luck old chap!).

Add up the total cost of all the tickets you are applying for.  Add the booking fee.  If you are paying your Annual Subscription at the same time (that can be a bit irritating) but go ahead and add that in too.  Ask a grown up to help with the adding-up if necessary (There’s always at least one person who can’t add-up properly).  Then arrange to pay the amount in the total box.

You can pay by electronic bank transfer to Sort Code 40-33-09  Account number 21093509.  Make sure you complete the reference as follows:  Ref: Your initial&surname AutInt or 6Nats  or I will be unable to verify that you have paid before the date ticket applications close.

You can also pay by cheque, payable to “Mitcham Rugby Club” and posted to me, Steve Balmont, at 13 Goddard House, 3 George Mathers Road, London SE11 4BG  

Terms & conditions

Printed on the reverse of this letter are the RFU Terms & Conditions for the distribution of all international tickets. 

These conditions are important.  In particular, you are not allowed to re-sell tickets to anyone or to advertise tickets for resale (on Facebook or Gumtree for instance). The RFU monitor such websites and penalties on the Club and members are harsh.  The financial implications for the Club of any breach by Club members of the Terms & Conditions are very serious and may be sufficient to threaten the Club’s existence.  Failure to comply with the RFU Terms & Conditions for the distribution of tickets is a serious disciplinary matter under the Club constitution and recent breaches have led to the suspension of Club membership, a ban on applying for tickets and forfeiture of tickets and the price paid for tickets.

If you can no longer use tickets allocated to you, return them to Steve Balmont at the earliest opportunity before the match.  It isn’t possible to guarantee a refund, but there is a reasonable chance of reallocating tickets or returning tickets to the RFU for a refund.

Contact details

Send completed Application Forms to:

Steve Balmont, 13 Goddard House, 3 George Mathers Road, London SE11 4BG

Or scan the complete and signed Application Form and send it by email to

I promise to try to acknowledge receipt of Application Forms by email.



Steve Balmont

For and on behalf of the Committee of Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club


Ticket Distribution Conditions

The Rugby Football Union ("the RFU") and its authorised distributors sell and issue tickets for events at the stadium at Rugby Road, Twickenham ("the Stadium") only upon these Ticket Distribution Conditions and, by applying for a ticket, the prospective acquirer ("the purchaser") shall be deemed to have accepted the following Conditions:

  1. A ticket may not be resold or transferred, save if more than one ticket is issued to a purchaser, such tickets may be used only by the purchaser and a person accompanying the purchaser to the Stadium and there shall be no resale or transfer of a ticket at above face value. Tickets cannot be advertised for transfer or sale. However, these Conditions are not contravened
    • by provision of an additional ticket by a purchaser to such accompanying person free of charge, provided that such person accompanies the purchaser to the Stadium and does not transfer the ticket. For the avoidance of doubt, if the purchaser is a sponsor, such "accompanying person" must be a guest of such sponsor; or
    • if the purchaser is an RFU-licensed hospitality provider, by the provision of a ticket by such operator as part of a package which includes the provision of corporate hospitality services.
  2. A ticket entitles the holder, subject to compliance with these Conditions in all respects, to admission to the Stadium for the event, to occupy the seat in question and to no additional entitlements.
  3. The RFU sells and issues tickets for events only through the RFU's authorised ticket sales outlets and its authorised distributors.
  4. Any ticket acquired in breach of any of these Conditions shall be null and void ("unlawful ticket") and all rights conferred or evidenced by such unlawful ticket shall be extinguished. The RFU shall be entitled to refuse to admit the holder of an unlawful ticket to the Stadium for the event (and for one or more future events or for a fixed term) and may eject such holder from the Stadium even after admission. Any breach of these Conditions by the purchaser and/or any distributor which supplies the ticket to the purchaser shall constitute a breach by the distributor of the Ticket Application Conditions which the distributor has accepted.
  5. A ticket may not be used as a prize or as part of any competition or promotional or other similar activity or as part of any hospitality or travel or other commercial package which has not been approved by the RFU in writing.
  6. Where a ticket has been lost or stolen, the RFU should be notified immediately and shall, subject to ascertaining and verifying the circumstances in which the ticket holder was in possession of the ticket and of the loss or theft of the ticket, issue a duplicate ticket to the ticket holder. If the RFU issues a duplicate ticket, the original ticket will become automatically invalid.
  7. The RFU will do all that it reasonably can to ensure the event takes place at the scheduled date and time. However, events cannot be guaranteed to take place on any such date or at any such time and tickets are sold subject to the RFU's right to alter the event programme and to reschedule its advertised events due to circumstances beyond its control. Should the event be cancelled, the RFU will refund the face value of the ticket to the distributor in question for onward transmission to the purchaser. Should the event be abandoned before or after commencement or kick-off and if it is possible to reschedule the event, a ticket holder will be entitled to attend the rescheduled event or (if a ticket holder elects) the RFU will refund the face value of the ticket to the distributor in question for onward transmission to the purchaser. The RFU is entitled to re-issue a ticket in respect of a rescheduled event. If the RFU re-issues a ticket for a rescheduled event, the original ticket will become automatically invalid. If a ticket is not re-issued in respect of a rescheduled event, the ticket shall be valid for the date on which the event is rescheduled.
  8. Each purchaser must complete a ticket application form.
  9. Save as set out below, tickets are not issued on a sale or return basis and refunds will not be made on returned tickets unless the RFU is in breach of its obligations to the ticket holder whether under these Ticket Distribution Conditions or otherwise. For Grade A matches (RBS 6 Nations matches or matches against South Africa, New Zealand and Australia), the Ticket Office will accept tickets returned from Clubs, Constituent Bodies, Schools, Referee Societies and Sponsors (Applicants) and issue a refund (provided the tickets are returned strictly no later than the date reasonably specified by the RFU to enable the tickets to be reissued). The Ticket Office will accept tickets returned from individuals to whom an Applicant has issued the tickets and issue a refund (provided they are returned either before the match day or up to 60 minutes before kick-off and exclusively on behalf of the individual concerned and not on behalf of the Applicant or any other person, firm, company or rugby body). In respect of all returns,  the refund will be issued to the Applicant to which the tickets were originally allocated. Please note that each ticket returned on a match day is subject to an administration charge of £5 and proof of identity of the person returning the ticket may be required. For non-Grade A matches, tickets are not returnable.
  10. Every ticket remains the property of the RFU at all times.

These Ticket Distribution Conditions incorporate: (i) the Terms of Admission of Ticket Holders to the Stadium; and (ii) the RFU Ground Rules.